Top 5 Superfoods in India

Top 5 superfoods in India

There exist no food that can provide all the nutrition, but consumption of some food comes with considerable health benefits. sadly, some food has attained media attention as a superfood. We’re going to mention the top 5 food items (with high nutritional value)  that are easy to get in India.

  1. Amla

Indian gooseberry, aka Amla, has a good amount of vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc. Consuming an amla a day is highly recommended. In India, its benefits can also be procured out by taking it as pickle, murabba, and candies. This immunity-boosting fruit works wonder if consumed right.


  1. Anti-inflammatory
  2. anti-oxidant
  3. anti-cancer
  4. prevention of heart problems
  5. promotion of collagen production which leads to the prevention of aging
  6. helps in clearing up skin


It is considered one of the most potent fruits in nature by Ayurveda.

2. Garlic

Garlic is being used as a flavoring agent and for its medicinal properties for centuries in India. It has numerous vitamins like C and B, and minerals such as selenium and potassium. A compound called allicin is responsible for the strong taste and pungent smell of garlic.


  1. prevention of lung cancer, brain cancer, and hip osteoarthritis
  2. can work as a potent antibiotic
  3. helps with high cholesterol
  4. reduction of blood clotting

garlic has the potential to get healthy food taste good. Adding garlic to the diet can lead to healthy living for sure.


3) Almond

In Indian households, this dry fruit is common in the commons. Consume it raw, water-soaked, and toasted doesn’t matter as far as it is being taken regularly to moderate. Intake of 4-5 almonds regularly is enough. this magical dry fruit is superior in terms of taste too.  The fruit is high in fat, but thankfully, it’s has  unsaturated fat which is much healthier than a saturated one.


  1. improves blood cholesterol level (AHA)
  2. contains a good amount of vitamin E (comes with healing properties)
  3. lower the risk of breast cancer
  4. increases antioxidants in the bloodstream which leads to the prevention of heart diseases
  5. helps in maintaining blood sugar level

4) Ash gourd juice

This cooler drink provides great detoxification. The juice has the power to eliminate toxins and contaminations from the body. In India, it is commonly known as safe petha and Ayurveda recommends it highly.


  1. helps in treating liver disorders
  2. helps in the treatment of nervous disorders.
  3. promotion of heart health
  4. healing
  5. digestion improvement
  6. detoxification of kidney

5) Curd

Curd has been part of the Indian diet primarily for too long. This semisolid food is fermented milk that acts as a great probiotic. Can be best paired with parathas, and can be eaten directly too. Curd is a good source of protein and vitamin B12.


  1. Immunity boosting
  2. maintenance of good bone health
  3. improvement of digestion
  4. improvement of vaginal health
  5. helps with weight loss



General trivia: seasonal fruits and veggies are a greater source of nutrients than the n0n seasonal ones.

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