Symptoms of Zika virus, tests required for it, precautionary measures

zika virus

he first Zika fever was reported in 1940 in Uganda.

The virus is named after a forest in Uganda called Zika.

he first case of Zika virus in India was reported in Ahmedabad.

This has been confirmed by the WHO.

According to the WHO report, India and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare have confirmed the presence of Zika virus patients in Bapunagar area of ​​Ahmedabad district of Gujarat.


zika virus disease, transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes. Symptoms include fever, muscle and joint pain, headache and dizziness.


Pregnant women are most affected by the mosquito-borne virus. The virus causes a disease that stops the growth of the unborn child. Especially the baby’s head does not develop. And babies with normally small heads are born.


There are several similarities between zika fever and dengue fever. No specific vaccine has yet been found to prevent this virus.


Currently, according to the report of the World Health Organization, cases of this disease have been reported in 6 countries of the world. The disease is most prevalent in Brazil, Puerto Rico, Suriname and other countries.


The most serious situation has occurred in Brazil. Thousands of people have been affected by the Zika virus here.


The situation in Brazil has deteriorated to the point that the Brazilian government has deployed 2.5 million troops to prevent the effects of Zika and to warn the people. These soldiers are going door-to-door on a war footing, alerting the people about ‘Zika’ and spreading awareness through posters.


There are 5 to 6 million cases of Zika virus in Latin America. Aedes aegypti gives birth to the mosquito Zika virus which also spreads dengue and chicken pox. Both diseases are a major public health problem for tropical countries like India. The Zika virus may reduce the risk of death, but if the virus is transmitted to pregnant women, it can lead to neurological disorders and brain development in children. The MIA, on the other hand, has appealed not to travel to countries with the Zika virus.


The virus is transmitted by the Aedes mosquito of dengue. This mosquito is present in every state in India. Especially in Delhi, the Aedes mosquito of dengue is a disaster every year. If the source of the Zika virus is found, the problem may increase.


Currently this virus is a new virus for the countrymen so its body will not get antibody immediately and its attack will be more dangerous.


  •  Symptomatic treatment is given in this disease.


The virus does not pose a risk to life but it does affect a pregnant woman and her unborn child. The United States has warned that the Zika virus could infect children with congenital microcystis. As a result, the baby’s head stays small and the brain is damaged. Symptoms appear in one out of every five people infected with the Zika virus.


Symptoms such as joint pain, red eyes, vomiting, and malaise appear in people infected with the virus.


So far no vaccine or drug has been developed to deal with the Zika virus. At present, the only solution is not to fill the mosquito nets.

A campaign has been started in the entire state to prevent the origin of mosquitoes and under Malaria Free Gujarat 202.  This campaign has been started on 5th May, 2016 from Rajkot. Necessary steps have been taken for eradication of mosquito breeding grounds, fever surveillance, diagnosis of malaria and other vector borne diseases as well as reporting and vector control in the affected area. The campaign involves all the departments of the state, corporations, municipalities and people’s representatives in the form of a campaign to prevent the spread of the disease.


The zika virus was first identified in 19.


Over since October, more than 3,500 babies with small mouths and underdeveloped brains have been born in Brazil. Countries such as El Salvador, Colombia and Ecuador have told women not to get pregnant until 2017.



According to the WHO, there could be 20 to 30 lakh cases of Zika virus. Women and children are more affected.


In addition to Brazil, the Zika virus is endemic in Paraguay, Colombia, Venezuela, French Guiana, Haiti, Suriname, and Mexico. While many countries are in danger. That twenty-two we.

Symptoms of Zika virus, tests required for it, precautionary measures


Zika virus infection has been declared a public health crisis, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).


These symptoms are seen in the patient


3- Initially its symptoms are very common but later it becomes dangerous. The patient initially has a slight fever.


3- To see red rash (swelling from bite) on the body of the victim


2- The patient has fever, joint pain, red rashes on the body, fatigue, headache and red eyes.


4- Symptoms of Zika virus or fever can be seen in seven days.


How is it spread?


The biggest cause of the spread of this virus is Aedes mosquito.

These mosquitoes are found in large numbers in the tropics

These are the mosquitoes that are responsible for spreading diseases like dengue fever, chickenpox and jaundice.


4- The virus is also spread by having a relationship with a victim.


In general, the Andes Egypt vector (as a means of transport) is needed to infect a person with the Zika virus.

Which test can be done?


– Blood test

– Urine test

– Saliva test

– The patient’s RNA is examined.

-Zika virus disease can be diagnosed by PCR (polymer chain reaction).


Who is at risk?


3- Pregnant women have been asked to take special precautions against this virus.

2- If a pregnant woman is affected by this virus, the child is born underdeveloped and deformed. At the same time, the child’s brain remains underdeveloped.

According to the WHO report, there may be a link between pregnancy and microcap (the baby’s head is smaller than normal).


3- The body of the patient may become a victim of paralysis.


Is there a Zika virus vaccine available?


There is currently no vaccine available for specific treatment for Zika virus but you can protect yourself with a little caution.


♻️♻️Know Zika virus (fever) prevention measures♻️♻️


-The best way is to prevent mosquito bites. It can be prevented by spraying pesticides,


– Keep mosquito nets in the house especially clean.


– To clean water filled spaces especially tanks, coolers etc.


– Avoid visits to places where the virus has spread and also avoid getting pregnant for the next 8 weeks.


– Use mosquito nets daily at bedtime


– Apply anti repellent cream to prevent mosquitoes.


– Keep nets on doors and windows of the house so that mosquitoes do not enter quickly.


– Wear flower clothes that cover the body as much as possible so that mosquitoes do not bite.






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