June 15th day in history🔰  


🔰June 15th day in history🔰



Tobacco ban across the country🚫


Neighbor Bhuta banned all tobacco products on the market, from growing tobacco on the farm, to June 16, 2010. Bhutan became the first country to do so.


The world’s first woman in space🎍🎍


Valentina Tereskova, a Russian skydiving enthusiast working in a textile factory, became the world’s first woman to reach space on June 16, 1963.


Eurasian female astronaut Valentina Tereskova became the first woman to go into space on this day in 1963. Selected from 400 women, Valentina returned by Vostok-6 spacecraft, circling the Earth 48 times in two days and 22 hours.


Chitaranjan Das, a revolutionary and freedom fighter, died


Chittaranjandas, also known as “Deshbandhu” (November 9, 190 – June 19, 19) was a well-known lawyer in Bengal and a leading Indian freedom fighter. He was educated in England, and began his public life in 1905.


The ‘Battle of Morar’ took place during the War of Independence of 215-16.


Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi was giving a scathing reply to the British by squeezing her son’s chest. General Smith made General Walker lick the dust in that battle. In early June Lakshmibai reached Kalpi and along with her Maratha allies captured the fort of Gwalior. The crooks showed their strength again and the heroes showed their strength. He attacked Morar (Gwalior). The Battle of Gwalior began on June 19, 1956.


The queen fought fearlessly in the battlefield, but luck was not with the queen. Lakshmibai died fighting with the British troops and in the same week, on June 30, 1857, India’s first revolution was considered to have ended.

But it did not really end. The revolution had reached the masses by leaving the army and soldiers and that revolution resulted in our independence on 15th August, 19th. Now that we are free, but do not want to understand the value of freedom, it is important to remember history. ‘




Revolution indicates change, whether it is able to bring about change or not, but it does make it necessary. On the path of change the first rebellion is born. The mind dissatisfied with the present situation prepares to change the situation. Prepares the background of the revolution. History has witnessed many such revolutions.



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