June 14: World Blood Donation Day

June 14: World Blood Donation Day

June 14 is World Blood Donation Day by the World Health Organization (WHO). The organization set a goal in 1997 for 124 of the world’s leading nations to promote voluntary blood donation. The intention was that anyone who needed blood would not have to pay for it.

The World Health Organization celebrates June 14 as World Blood Donor Day to promote blood donation on the occasion of the birthday of Carl Landsteiner, a well-known Australian biologist and physicist.

Blood donation in India-2

According to WHO standards, India needs 10 million units of blood annually. But only 75 lakh units are available. That means hundreds of patients die each year from a lack of blood, about 2.5 million units. India has a population of one and a half billion while blood donors are less than one per cent of the total population. Only 49% of total blood donation in India is voluntary. In the capital Delhi, voluntary blood donation is only 32 per cent.

Illusions about blood donation

Blood donation can save many lives. Many people understand that donating blood weakens the body and it takes months to get the blood back. Not only that, there is a widespread misconception that regular blood transfusions weaken a person’s immune system and make him more susceptible to diseases. This illusion has spread so much that people turn a blind eye just by hearing the name of blood donation. World Blood Donation Day works to dispel misconceptions about blood donation in the society and to promote blood donation.

Blood Donation Highlights –
– The process of making blood in human body is always going on and there is no harm in donating blood.

Any healthy person between the ages of 18 and 60 who weighs more than 45 kg can donate blood.

People who do not have HIV, Hepatitis B or similar diseases can donate blood

350 350 mg of blood can be given at a time. This is completed in 24 hours in the body and the quality is completed within 21 days.

A person who donates blood regularly has a lower risk of developing heart related diseases.

The composition of blood in our body is such that the red blood cells contained in it die on their own in three months, so every healthy person can donate blood once in three months.

Today the world has come a long way in terms of technology. There has also been a lot of research and new technologies in the field of medicine. With the help of advanced equipment can be treated quickly and very well. Despite all this, blood has not yet been synthesized. Many attempts have been made for this but so far no success has been achieved. All efforts for it have proved futile. Blood can only be obtained from a blood donor. And this is why there is a great shortage of blood. America, the world’s superpower, is also currently facing a blood shortage. At least 50 people have been killed and more than 50 injured in a shooting spree in Orlando, Florida. Hospitals are in dire need of blood transfusions to treat the wounded. With this in mind, the local administration has appealed to the people to donate a large number of blood. Blood donation camps are usually organized or blood donation is done by going to the blood bank. Blood donation camp in these circumstances


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