John F. Kennedy, the youngest president of the United States

John F. Kennedy, the youngest president of the United States of America, gave the slogan of what you will do for the country instead of seeing what the country can do for you John F. Kennedy was born on 29 5 1917. Born into an Irish family in the stands, his father was a happy high school businessman but what was the name of the father who immigrated to America because of the famine? He was the ninth child of his father John at the bus stand Educated from an early age, he suffered from a back injury in the game of football and suffered a concussion. Due to this, he enlisted in the Army in 181. After enlisting in the Navy, he saved the lives of his comrades involved in the attack on the World War II Japanese ship. He was also given an award for such bravery

He became active in American politics in 1917 and became the first winner as a candidate of the Democratic Party. Is. He was elected to the US Senate in the 19th century. Reached the highest peak of the American presidency in 190. John F. Kennedy was a skilled orator as well as a good writer. He was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Literature and Journalism for his book, Profile in Courage.

The assassination of US President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963, shook the world. Lee Harvey Oswald, the 35th US President Kennedy, was shot dead during a parade in Dallas.

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