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Best Eye Test Android App When was the last time you tested your eyes? Don’t you remember With this eye test, you can easily and completely check your vision at home! After the tests you will be able to decide if you should see an eye doctor. Vision testing is fun, and you can even share the results with your friends on Facebook!

  • The Best Eye Test app has 12 types of eye tests (6 free and 6 Pro):
  • Visual acuity tests
  • Ishihara colour blindness test
  • Colour Cube game to test your vision and speed
  • 4 Amsler grid tests
  • AMD test for macular degeneration
  • Glaucoma Survey
  • Written Exam aka. How much do you know about the eye?
  • Contrast sensitivity test
  • Landolt C / Tumbling E test
  • Astigmatism test
  • Duochrome test
  • An OKN strip test
  • Red Desaturation Test

Best Eye Test Application Disclaimer: Eye tests are not perfect due to variations in the accuracy (screen size, brightness/contrast, resolution) of each screen. Holding a phone about 30 / / 12-inch screen size with your eyes will give you almost accurate results. If you have e.g. 7 tablets.
Do not consider tests in application official tests. These tests are meant to give you an idea of ​​whether or not you should see an eye doctor or have eye treatment.

Best eye test application Visual acuity: Visual acuity test is a regular part of eye examination, especially in case of vision problems. At a young age, these vision problems can often be corrected or corrected. Undetected or untreated vision problems can permanently damage vision.

Download Best Eye Test App

What if I get a bad result?

If your results indicate that you may have vision problems, you should see an eye doctor. Regular eye examination improves eye health. It also allows your doctor to measure your vision and make necessary changes to your prescriptions.

You can also download apps for eye training to maintain your eyesight and improve your vision. You should take better care of your eyes and vision. Maintaining visual health is one of the most important things we can do. Leaving eye care and eye examination can cause serious damage to vision.

If you experience eye problems using web browsers, to-do apps, calendars, texting or using phone books or call logs, you should take this test to see if you need eye treatment and/or vision training.

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