Dear Dad. Dear Dad …….., 

* ✍Dear Dad. Dear Dad ……..,

* I call my mother ‘you’ because I also call God ‘you’. But I will tell you ‘you’. Because ‘you’ is plural. ‘Daddy’ is also plural. If it were singular, we would say ‘Pappo’, not ‘Pappa’. You were the first man I met after I came to this world. That is, in my living grammar, you will always be the ‘first masculine plural.’ *

* Dad, you are not the only one. My circle of friends, my society, my country and my whole world is in you. *

If I go to do a ‘census’ of the world, my whole universe would come to a ‘planet’ named ‘Pappa’ only. Mom doesn’t talk because we don’t count God in the census. *

* Dad, if there are so many people living in you, then you have to say ‘you’! What is a temple called? It was found out too late. As a kid, I used to think that God would just stay home. *

* I have not read the Bhagavad Gita, but I have read you. You taught me how to live life, so you are my religious scripture. To be honest, you are my religion. *

Dad, I used to ask my mother when I was a child, ‘How did I come to this world?’. 🎪🎪 Then my mother would tell me that God has a small children’s shop. From the many children you and your mom have gone to and from the store, you have chosen me. So I came into this world.*

* After growing up, after studying so much ……….. now I understand my mother’s words that what my mother said was true. *

* Dad, I came into your world, you celebrated it, at the time of my birth. Also, I want to celebrate that I met you. અનેYou and Mom used to clap when I cut a cake and lit a candle to celebrate my birthday as a child. How stupid was I then? I didn’t even know that the celebration was on my side. ACTUALLY, at that time the funk birthday was to be celebrated and the celebration was to be yours.😘😍😘😍 *

Dad, you did not have the happiness to give birth to me. Mom took the CREDIT. But in spite of losing that ‘virtue’, if God knows how much you have COMPENSATED everything, then during my NEXT BIRTH, decide, you will give birth to me. Dad, you can give birth to me, why not give birth?

* Dad, you never say how much you love. So yes, Sally I know. Dad, even if you only talk on the phone for two minutes, it seems like I’m still sitting on your shoulder, listening to you. *

* Dad, I have seen a very good world so far. Because, this world, I have seen you sitting on your shoulder. The way you look at people, the same vision, you have inherited from me. In the vision you give, far away, not a single bad person appears. Dad, this world is good because the vision you gave me in my first birthday gift is also good. As you say, such a vision is such a creation. *

* Dad, I thought that in the hard times of my life, you will walk with me. Also, you didn’t go with me. You lifted me up and walked alone.

* Even today I trust you as much as I did when I was a child, when you would bounce me in the air and catch me when I come down. I am confident that you will not let me fall even today. And maybe, even if I fall …… then don’t let me fall.😚😗😋😗 *

* Dad, you are not God. Because, God is never seen. Dad, you are not God because God does not always fulfill my every wish. God never sits beside me and explains to me. God never puts his hand on my shoulder and says ‘I am with you’. How, then, are you God? *

God does not worry about me every day. God does not listen to me but you always listen to me. Then how are you god ?*

* That is to say, even though Ishwar is very new in the ‘temple’, he does not leave the temple and come to me. You come to me even after leaving so much work in the office. Then how are you god ?*

Dad, you are not God. Because God gives both happiness and sorrow. You only give happiness ..

Author: Prabhu

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