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One may view work-life balance as the approach to maintain an equal number of hours between work and play. But it’s not!

Having a well-balanced work-life is not only about coming to and returning from working on time. In a broader perspective, it’s about prioritizing things as per their importance.

Prioritizing things helps one save both their time and energy. Thus, allowing them to set a perfect balance between their work and personal life.

1. Taking Time Off Between Work-life


Taking time off in between work helps in dealing with stress. The human body is not designed to endure for long hours at a go. Physical movements like a light walk or some desk exercises can be really helpful here.

Such short breaks will help you recover from fatigue and enhance agility at work.

2. Volunteering Time Off work-life

Volunteering is a great way to stay social and build interpersonal connections. Encouraging the employees to volunteer for social causes helps them de-stress and commit socially.

Moreover, this also helps boosts a company’s CSR, i.e., Company Social Responsibility initiatives. Thus, earning goodwill for the organization and its employees.

3. Proper Planning About work-life

Planning the day-to-day activities at work is another way for managing a good balance between life and work. It helps individuals to prioritize their actions following the importance of a task.

Moreover, adhering to a well-laid plan also helps save a lot of time at work. Thus, allowing them to focus on things other than work or take it to rejuvenate themselves.

4. Encouraging a Healthy Lifestyle


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle plays a big role in an employee’s quest to achieve a healthy work-life balance. Healthy employees are like the jewels on the crown for every organization. An unhealthy work-life balance disrupts the employees’ physical and mental health. Considering this fact, it hampers their productivity to a great extent. Encouraging the employees to take up a healthy lifestyle eliminates various health risks.

Just like having good physical health helps one to stay energetic, a stress-free mind is a room full of clarity. This helps the employees to excel both in their careers and in life. A healthy lifestyle is also a great stress management solution and helps the employees cope with stress smoothly.

5. Encouraging No Work at Home Policy Post Work Hours

Most often, the employees carry their work home to make up for the deadlines. The inability to leave work at the workplace is a major issue resulting from the excess workload born by the employees. Committing to work during off-hours hinders the amount of rest needed by the human body.

Further, it maligns the social life of individuals that is necessary for a healthy mindset. Employers can make sure that this doesn’t happen by adopting a strict “No Work at Home” policy.

6. Time Management


Time management is a very important aspect when it comes to having a proper work-life balance.

Most individuals tend to ignore this phase. As a result, they end up getting overwhelmed by work at the end of the day with no time for themselves. So, one must make sure they have a proper routine in place for the day.

Adopting time management hacks like the Pomodoro technique would be helpful in this regard.

7.Paid Vacation Time


In today’s time, vacation is no longer a luxury. Rather it’s more of a necessity. It’s high time employers realize how vacations from work have become an important part of today’s work culture. Letting the employees take long breaks without sacrificing their wages is very effective. Employees feel more rejuvenated and relaxed after returning to work, yielding better productivity.

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